“From the Trench to Eternity”: Captain Armenak Urfanyan
Eritasard.am continues to present its series of articles under the title “From the Trench to Eternity”. The articles are devoted to the lives and endeavors of servicemen who were killed while performing their official duties.
Chinese Horoscope 2019
The Chinese Horoscope is known in the East and the West. According to this horoscope, every 12 years is considered the year of an animal. According to professionals, people born in the year of a given animal sometimes have a personality that is similar to that animal.
What to wear to ring in the New Year
According to tradition, we decorate our homes and set the festive mood before ringing in the New Year. However, we also don’t forget to dress accordingly. Ladies and women are especially attentive when it comes to choosing what to wear; moreover, there is high focus on colors.
The most remarkable worldwide events in 2018
The year 2018 is drawing to an end, but the events that took place in the passing year will go down in history. These are events that had a direct impact on the politics, economy, culture and other sectors in different countries. “МИР 24” has set aside the most interesting events that took place around the world in 2018.
Vanadzor declared Youth Capital of the Republic of Armenia in 2019
The results of the SMS vote and the results recorded by the expert group for the 219 Youth Capital of the Republic of Armenia competition were summed up during an event held at the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia.
KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation’s Two for a Job Program
KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation is inviting job seekers to participate in the Two for a Job Program.