By Hrachuhi Almastyan
Photos by Lusi Sargsyan
Nare Gevorgyan: “For me dreams are goals”
Singer Nare Gevorgyan attracted the public’s attention after her very first performance. A couple of years after participating in the “Hye Superstar” (Armenian Superstar) TV song contest, the beloved singer went on to become the winner of the “Premiera” TV song contest. Everyone loves Nare, and it should be mentioned that Nare’s fans stay true to her and are always with her during each performance.’s correspondent sat down for an interview with Nare Gevorgyan. Between 2001 and 2003, you received the Grand Prize during the “Etchmiadzin” song contest. It turns out that you have always been winning awards. The “Premiera” TV song contest ended not too long ago. What has changed in your life? I think this was quite a serious victory.

Nare Gevogyan: Participating in the “Premiera” song contest, especially winning it was binding because, besides the fact that I had participated in the first season of “Premiera 1” TV song contest and hadn’t won. During that season, I had quite serious competitors and colleagues, many of whom TV viewers love. So, I really wanted to win. Losing in “Premiera 3” would be more painful than losing in the first one. Nare, in one of your interviews, you mentioned that your recent victory conveys new air to you. Interestingly, which stage of your career are you in now?

N. G.: I sang two new songs during the “Premiera” song contest. Composer of the songs “Im Pokharen” (Instead of Me) and “Arev” (Sun), Lina Torosyan also wrote the song “Andzrev” (Rain) for me, and I am currently working on the musical arrangement for the song. I hope to present a new music video soon, and I think it will be the music video for the song “Taknvats Ser” (Hidden Love), which is the song for the “Hidden Love” soap opera airing on Shant TV. I will also be giving a concert for the Armenians of Moscow and will be performing many Armenian folk songs. What is more important for you as you make a song become your “property”?

N. G.: I think what is important is understanding that a song is for me after listening to it for the very first ten seconds. I have to feel it. You know, we singers sometimes perform songs that we don’t really feel inside, and that definitely has an impact on the performance. I think a song is good only when you perform it by understanding how you need to perform it. Nare, what is the greatest achievement of your lifetime?

N. G.: I think the fact that I sing, do the job I love, live a healthy and happy life with my family and beloved friends is already a great achievement. Today, most singers star in soap operas. Is it likely to see you in films someday?

N. G.: I might, even though I know I don’t have any acting skills. However, if I receive an interesting offer, I will consider it. Do you maintain your ties with Shant TV?

N. G.: I have continued, continue and will continue to maintain my ties with Shant TV, no matter how long I pursue my career on my own. I know that Shant TV will stand by my side whenever I feel the need. After all, this television station helped me take my first steps as a singer. So, I will always maintain my ties. Nare, I know you have a very fragile spirit. So, it is definitely safe to say that you are also dreamy and thin-skinned, right?

N. G.: My friends can state that I am not thin-skinned at all. Even if I get offended by something, I forget about it after a couple of minutes. Yes, I am dreamy, but not too much. I don’t like to live with dreams because when they are not fulfilled, I become desperate. For me, dreams are goals. When I achieve them, I feel proud that I set a goal and achieved it. At the end of the day, we all have dreams. What do you dream about?

N. G.: I don’t have any dream at this moment, but you know, I have been dreaming about something recently. I constantly ask God to make sure the soldiers of my nation return to their homes safe and sound. This is a real dream… Nare will never stop…

N. G.: Nare will never stop amazing and surprising her audience, enjoying every second in life and being the way she is.