By Mariam Hovuni
Photos by Mariam Hovuni
Anne Hidalgo: “Mankind must acknowledge and recognize the truth”
Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo is in Armenia at the invitation of Mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan.

Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and the members of her official delegation, with the accompaniment of First Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Kamo Areyan, Deputy Mayor Aram Sukiasyan, representatives of the Staff of Yerevan Municipality and members of the Council of Elders, visited Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex where they laid a wreath at the monument to the victims of the Armenian Genocide and laid flowers near the eternal flame perpetuating the memory of the Holy Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide.

The mayor of Paris also visited the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute where she was introduced to the exhibition and left a note in the register for guests of honor.

“Mankind cannot move forward without paying respect to its history. Mankind must acknowledge and recognize the truth, and that will provide the opportunity to move forward and develop. My note is a call to mankind to acknowledge the truth and recognize the Genocide. Many countries have already ended that process. France has also done it, and we wish to see new countries join us,” the mayor of Paris stated during a news conference.

After touring the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, Anne Hidalgo planted a symbolic tree in the grove located next to the museum.

“The history of the Armenian Genocide is very touching, but it is also similar to the history of France, the capital of France and the Frenchmen since there is a very important factor, and that is the Armenian community, the role of which is important for us,” Anne Hidalgo said.