By Hasmik Gyozalyan
Sedrak Papyan: “I have learned to never break down”
On March 8, singer Sedrak Papyan will present the music video for his song “Sirelov” (By Loving). The song (composer-Haiko, lyrics-Avet Barseghyan) will also be heard for the first time ever.

The young singer is known for his part in the music video for the song “Im Banake” (My Army) (performed with Vigen Aharonyan and Arthur Mkhitaryan) in the homonymous TV film series aired on Armenian Public Television and the performances that he would give almost every week during the “Yerg Yergots” (Song of Songs) TV program.

In an interview with, Sedrak Papyan talked about his successes and achievements, future plans and other topics.

Being from Tavush Province is something to be proud of

I was born in 1993 in the city of Berd of Tavush Province. My father was born in Movses village, and my mother-in Aygepar village, and I spent most of my childhood in those villages. Both villages are bordering villages, and the military positions of the adversary and the closest settlement are only meters away…

I wouldn’t be exaggerating, if I said that being from Tavush Province is something to be proud of. At the same time, it is a great responsibility and a “duty” to aspire to maintain the human virtues that are characteristic of the people of my hometown and always be guided by true values at every step of the way…No matter what I do and where I am, my hometown is always calling me. I love and miss it.

Music has been a part of my life since childhood

Almost all the members of my family sang, starting from my grandparents, but nobody ever sang professionally. Music has been a part of my life since childhood. I started singing when I was in school. I went to the music school in Berd and graduated from the brass instruments department with honors, after which I got accepted to the Faculty for Singing Folk Songs at Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory. I am currently studying to obtain my Master’s Degree.

My military service helped me succeed

Due to my birthplace and upbringing, I have always had a special love for the border and the army. I was fully ready for military service, but the important thing for me was to have the opportunity to serve my profession and capabilities for the army. I served as a singer of the “Zorakan” Ensemble of the Officers’ Home of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia. For two consecutive years, we toured almost all the military units. We also motivated and reinforced the soldiers of the Defense Army of the Artsakh Republic, that is, our friends-in-combat. We participated in all military events and the receptions for foreign delegations.

I was quite busy and made great achievements. In 2012, our ensemble participated in the “Виват, Победа” (Vivat, Pobeda) international competition in the Russian Federation along with the military ensembles of all CIS countries. We achieved great success. My fellow serviceman and I won first place, and of course, this was honorable.

During my military service, I was awarded with the Vazgen Sargsyan Ministerial Medal under the order of the Minister of Defense, the “Soldier of the Homeland” Medal by President of “Zinvor” (Soldier) Coordinating Council Margarita Khachatryan and a number of certificates.

After being demobilized, I am continuing my studies to obtain a Master’s Degree. In 2015, I participated in the Delphian Games international competition in the Russian Federation. It was a big competition, and I achieved success as a member of a team and individually. I have also participated in a national song contest and won first place.

“Im Banake” (My Army)

The music video for the soundtrack to the TV series “Im Banake” (My Army) was produced last year and was received quite well. One of my friends told me about the auditions for singers and suggested that I participate. Since the song had immediately captivated me, I decided to try to perform it, even though I was ill and had no high hopes of performing the way I would have liked to perform. After a while, I was told that I was one of the selected singers. Only later did I find out that I was going to be performing the song with my friends-in-combat, Vigen Aharonyan and Arthur Mkhitaryan. The song and the music video were a success and became a favorite of the public.

“Yerg Yergots” (Song of Songs)

Performing on the “Yerg Yergots” (Song of Songs) TV show was also a surprise. My professor was asked to present one of his students who would perform one of Hrachya Hovhannisyan’s songs, and I performed Hovhannisyan’s song “Ari, Yar Jan!” (Come, My Love) for the first time on the stage on which singers perform during the TV show.

After a while, my classmate from the Faculty of Composing informed me that the subsequent program of “Yerg Yergots” was going to be dedicated to young composers. He had already composed the music and suggested that I write the lyrics so that we could participate. First, we presented the song “Dzon Hayrenikin” (Dedicated to the Homeland) to President of the Union of Composers of Armenia Aram Satyan, who gave his consent. Afterwards, we performed the song during the “Yerg Yergots” TV show. Everyone liked the song, and the first was the crew. After that performance, I started receiving more offers. I would like to

stress the fact that I am more than happy that I participated in the TV show since one can only hear pure and genuine national music during the show.

I love with mind, heart and soul…

I am a lucky person because my grandparents have always been by my side since childhood. I was about five years old, but I remember how my father, uncle and grandparents would sing together...They would only perform folk and national songs. Those genuine and beautiful performances left a deep trace in my inner world and in my conscience. I love Armenian folk songs with mind, heart and soul. When I got accepted to Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory, I thought I would only be performing folk songs. Later, I tried to perform songs in other genres like pop and classical…I have always supported change and don’t think it’s right to be restricted to only one genre, if you have the potential to perform songs in other genres as well. In this sense, my masters’ opinions were important for me. If you can send the message across to the listeners with your performance, then it is your obligation to do that.

I have learned to never break down

All the achievements that I have made to this day are precious and important for me since I have made those achievements with difficulty. I have always tried to move forward by myself, no matter how hard it has been. My family always supports me, but I aspire to solve my problems and pave the way on my own. I work every day to progress and achieve my goals.

Years ago, I dreamed of writing a song, but it seemed unrealistic. Two years ago, I tried and…it worked out. However, it was difficult. I have learned to never break down or feel disappointed and think it won’t work out after the first try. If you don’t try and struggle, it will never work out…

It is no secret that there are many problems in the music industry today, but I am certain that if we all put in our efforts, we can make a change. Before taking any action, I always think that I am not alone. I always think that there are many others like me and that if we put in all our efforts, we will achieve the desired outcome.

…If you have chosen your path and are certain that that is your mission in life, then it is your duty to move forward and keep working. Your work might not be accepted or understood once, but that will also give you strength.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to my professor, composer, Merited Art Figure of the Republic of Armenia Arzas Voskanyan; my master Eduard Beglaryan; artistic director of “Zorakan” Ensemble, Major Aram Galstyan, as well as my parents and friends for all my achievements…

“By Loving”: Soon

On March 8, I will present the music video for my song “By Loving”. I consider this my first serious task that I am accomplishing by myself. In order for me to stay true to my principles (pure, literate music), I decided to trust the professionals. The music is composed by singer Haiko, and the lyrics are by Avet Barseghyan. They are the best in the field and have proved that with their merit. The premiere of the song is only a couple of days away. I hope people like it.