By Hrachuhi Almastyan
Members of winning team awarded
Dashtavan and Darakert teams competed to win the footzal championship on the footzal field of the first family sport complex in Masis.

September 23rd marked the launch of the regional footzal championship organized by the AFFA and the Development Foundation of Masis. Twelve teams of Masis region played in two sub-groups, two of the best teams of which made it to the semi-final.

Among the guests were RA Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Hrachya Rostomyan; Governor of Ararat Province Aramayis Grigoryan, Mayor of Masis Davit Hambardzumyan, the heads of villages of Masis region, world weightlifting champion Tigran Martirosyan, world wrestling champion Aram Martirosyan, President of the Amateur Cycling Federation of Armenia Arman Antonyan, Deputy of the National Assembly Tigran Stepanyan, as well as celebrities and numerous fans of the teams. Dashtavan won the Darakert-Dashtavan match with a score of 1-4. The match was followed by a an award ceremony during which Jean Avetisyan and Eduard Mikayelyan were granted certificates of appreciation for servicing the matches of the championship organized by the Development Foundation of Masis and the AFFA at a high level; the best goalie of the championship was goalie of Hovtashat team Nazar Gevorgyan; the best forward was attacker of Darakert team Vladimir Urikhanyan and the best player was member of Ararat 73 team Andranik Hakobyan. Hovtashat team, which was in third place, was awarded AMD 500,000, while Darakert team, which was in second place, was awarded AMD 1,000,000 by the Development Foundation of Masis and the AFFA. The Dashtavan team, which was unmatched throughout the championship and deserved first place, was awarded AMD 2,000,000 by the Development Foundation of Masis and the AFFA. The major prize – the honorary cup of the Masis regional footzal championship – was granted to the winning team by Governor of Ararat Province Aramayis Grigoryan.