By Roza Grigoryan
Photos by Roza Grigoryan
Armenian versions of Remarque’s works presented to Armenian readers
The Armenian versions of the already classic works of famous German writer and one of the most famous and most read authors of the 20th century Erich Maria Remarque are being sequentially presented to readers.

The author of the initiative is Edit Print Publishing House, and the translations are done by Vanuhi Baghmanyan. Last year, Edit Print presented the Armenian version of Remarque’s book “Three Comrades”, and the Armenian version of the book “Arch of Triumph” was released just a couple of days ago.

“Translation itself is a difficult mental task, and translation of a novel or autobiographical novel is twice as difficult because you have to maximally penetrate into the inner world and outer world of the author, make those worlds your own, feel what the author feels entirely, that is, the author’s joy, sadness, excitement and despair. When translating, you have to be focused only on the translation because related thoughts are disturbing. It is not hard to understand Erich Maria Remarque. His writing is simple, but it is that simplicity that makes translation difficult because no matter how strange it may sound, translating a simple text is more complicated than translating a difficult text,” Vanuhi Baghmanyan stated.

The translator states that Armenian readers now have a unique opportunity to discover Remarque through the new translations, if they still haven’t had the time to read his works.

“Remarque is a real discovery. He sounds the inner voice of each person, especially those readers who have experienced war. I think Remarque is closer to the hearts of Armenian readers because the war continues to “bleed” like a wound that doesn’t heal. It is already internal bleeding,” Vanuhi Baghmanyan added.

Let us mention that Edit Print Publishing House will soon present the Armenian version of Remarque’s third novel entitled “All Quiet on the Western Front”.

Remarque was born in Osnabrück. After his mother passed away, he changed his second name in her honor and became Erich Maria Remarque (the writer's real name was Erich Paul Remarque). In 1921, he started working as an editor of Echo Continental. It was in that period when he started using the pseudonym “Erich Maria Remarque”. Among his famous works are “All Quiet on the Western Front” (1929), “Three Comrades” (1936), “Arch of Triumph” (1945), etc.