By Papin Muradyan
Famous and unknown young Armenians
It turns out that two young Armenians are the owners of the first and only Luxury marketing company (Studio Succes) in Holland.
Every Armenian rejoices and feels proud when he hears about or sees the achievements that Armenians have made in different parts of the world.
There are several TV shows that keep us up to date about Armenians around the world.
Perhaps it would be appropriate to recall Shant TV’s “Armenians of the World” TV series, but believe us when we say that the Armenian public still needs to be informed in this regard.
We Armenians are a nation with a diaspora of over 7,000,000, yet Armenians in Armenia are often unaware of the large-scale activities that the gifted sons of our nation carry out on modest and informative platforms and do not wish to make themselves known.
Recently, I met my classmate who had returned from a business trip. He was excited and charmed, sometimes amazed and a little disappointed with some things as he talked about Holland. Well, it’s a journalist’s habit and sometimes interrupts himself with precision questions.
Oh! May God illuminate the soul of William Saroyan. He put it well when he said the following about Armenians: “For when two of them meet anywhere in the world, see if they will not create a New Armenia.”
It so happened that my classmate had met not one, but two Armenians at once and randomly in Holland.
Karen and Taron are smart, pure, kind, active and genetically multi-talented boys. They say they are not millionaires, but aspire to become millionaires. They have notepads, have set a benchmark and, thank God, it seems as though they are moving forward by achieving the goals they have set for every age.
I simply and directly ask my friend what he liked the most about those boys.
He responds by saying the follwoing with the same simplicity and with a smile: “The national mindset,” he says and adds that THE ARMENIAN and ARMENIA lie at the core of their mindset. Perhaps this can be considered the guarantee of success of these sons of the Armenian nation living and creating abroad.
Thus, being goal-oriented and believing in their strengths, the boys establish a marketing company in Holland. It is an honor for us Armenians to know that the founders of Luxury specialized company of Holland are Karen Hakobyan and Taron Mosesyan.
STUDIO SUCCES Lux Branding serves the elite and the brands that aspire to achieve great heights. Their main goal is to make sure Luxury brands have a reputation.
You can only visit the website of Karen’s and Taron’s company with a VIP. The following is seen on their website: “Access only for exclusive audience”.
To visit the website, you have to fill out a relevant questionnaire and wait for 14-30 days for a reply.
Karen and Taron were among the official sponsors of Paris Fashion Week
Our compatriots’ actively operating STUDIO SUCCES was one of the official sponsors of the 2018 Paris Fashion Week Haute couture.
Other sponsors were ING Ki private banking (serving the banking operations of millionaires in Holland) and the U.S. Taranis Capital Group.
They work with Miss Universe
When I explored their instagram, I learned that they also collaorate with Miss Universe Germany. What’s more, the boys’ scope of activity is rather wide, and their work is not limited to Miss Universe Germany.
The young Armenian boys work for BaroQco
The crowns of most of the serious “Miss”s of the world are made by BaroQco. By specifying the information, the boys work and are friends with the founders of BaroQco. Their jewels are only designed for high end luxury, and the BaroQco brand is considered reputable for elite groups around the world.
Karen and Taron are also the creators of the website for Karma Loog
Billionaires who want to wear expensive clothes, order Karma Loog, and their clothes are delivered in a jet. KarmaLoog is the most expensive store in Holland and one of the most expensive brands in the world.
Karen and Taron have created the official website of KarmaLoog and have taped a variety of the most expensive clothes.