By Hrachuhi Almastyan
An Integral Part of Our Lives, Minibuses
Minibus in the morning is an integral part of our daily routine. Everyone hurries to school, work, university. The cars go slow, and the people who are in a hurry get even more nervous.

Even if we are awakened in high spirits, coffee was delicious or the physical training was refreshing, we become united somehow these some minutes we spend on our way to our destinations.

“I try not to take minibuses,” - says 25-year-old Anahit Khachatryan.

“We have nothing to do. I wash my hands thoroughly, take a deep breath and go to work,” - said 28-year-old Anna Nahapetyan.

The citizens who take minibuses have different ridiculous stories. “Once, when I opened the door, I broke off my hand ... I kept silent, I did not know what to do,” - says 22 year-old Gor Nalbandyan.

However, Yerevan City Hall is optimistic about the fact that our country has the most developed transport infrastructure in the region.

According to the information, the semi-destroyed minibuses will be replaced by big and small comfortable buses. The changes will also affect the drivers: they will wear the same clothes, and the question of wages will be discussed.”

While waiting for the hope of having the best public transport, many countries have developed a comfortable transportation system long ago.

The best cities in the world with developed transport systems are Seoul, Munich, Singapore, Tokyo, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Berlin, New York. Using minibuses in these cities is never a nightmare. Public transport is cheap, clean and comfortable.

In Munich, public transport is composed of trains and subways that are completely enough to travel to different parts of the city. Trains reach the stations every 20 minutes. Ticket prices for all transportation means are the same, the 3-day ticket costs 15 euros, there are also daily tickets (around 5 euros). With it, you can travel to different parts of the city.

In Frankfurt, for example, buying one ticket, you pay for your entire trip. The ticket is valid until the end of the day. With this unique ticket you can change unlimited number of public transport.

Tokyo is one of the leaders in the comfort of public transport. Although buses are always “overpopulated”, they are clean and comfortable. Passengers are informed beforehand by electronic boards.

In addition to the convenience of public transport, a number of countries have also created a fun way of public transport. Floating taxis carry thousands of passengers in Thailand’s water network.

The city of Wuppertal, Germany, is known for its Suspension Railway which has been operating since 1901. It travels 13 kilometers long and transports about 82,000 passengers every day.