By Hrachuhi Almastyan
Today is the International Day of Birds Protection
April 1 is the International Day for the Protection of Birds.

The purpose of the day is to preserve the diversity and number of birds. The ornithologists warn that the disappearance of birds will lead to an ecological catastrophe, and its consequences can be unpredictable for the humanity. They are sure it will cause irreversible damage to biological diversity.

Since 1600, approximately 100 species of birds have disappeared from the planet. At present, many species of birds are in the group of risk.

On March 19, 1902, the International Convention for the Protection of Birds in Agriculture was adopted, which was signed by more than ten countries. It came into force on December 12, 1905. On October 18, 1950, the International Convention for the Protection of Birds was signed in Paris, which replaced the previous document.

And the Bird Day they connect with one children’s holiday organized by the American Oil City in 1894, organized by Charles Babcock. Soon, the Birds Day, as a nationwide holiday, began to be celebrated in all the states of the country.

Armenia does not have a special bird protection law, but since 1993 it has been a member of the International Convention for the Protection of the Birds, International Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, especially as a Bird Nesting Place.

The Armenian Bird Conservation Union organizes an event called "Bird of the Year", which is held through public voting. This year, the blue bird has been recognized as a bird.