By Gayane Melikyan
Today is the International Day of Parties
On April 3, many countries celebrate the International Day of Parties (World Party Day). The holiday is unofficial but popular, especially among youth.

The name “World Party Day” is also known as “P-Day: Partty”, which can often be heard, especially from the lips of young people. Young people prefer to spend the day in friendly atomosphere.

This day is especially popular with the so-called club music accompanied by dances. And of course various kinds of drinks.

Lovers of passive rest try to spend their time in a more relaxed atmosphere where they can just talk with their friends enjoying a cup of coffee.

The holiday has an interesting story. The idea came from a fantastic novel by American writer Vanna Bonta (1958-2014), released in 1995. The latter's novel ends with a recalculation until April 3, 2000, when the world must start a mass celebration that unites humanity.

A year after the novel was published, on April 3, 1996, the United States began celebrating the first day of the parties.