By Gayane Melikyan
World Rat Day
Every year on April 4, starting in 2003, an unusual holiday is celebrated - World Rat Day, created to attract attention to this extraordinary animal and designed to unite fans of ornamental rats around the world.

The idea of establishing this Day belongs to the American rat breeders, who thus decided to honor their tailed pets, ornamental rats, and then this idea was picked up by rat breeders from other countries. The date of April 4th was chosen due to the fact that this is the day the ratlist started working - the oldest online resource dedicated to ornamental rats.

It may seem strange to someone that so much attention is paid to the rat, but it is worth recalling that, for example, a whole year is devoted to it in the Chinese calendar (Year of the Rat). And it is not for nothing that they consider it to be a very clever and agile animal with a cheerful disposition and amazing vitality. Fans of decorative rats consider them not only gentle, sociable, curious and friendly animals, but literally members of their family, inevitably attractive ...

By the way, scientists often compare a rat with a man - because our genomes are similar to 95% (!). And they live just like us: they fight to the last when it comes to surviving or preserving offspring, learn from their mistakes, even fall in love and see dreams like people. Recently, scientists have proved that in addition to squeaking, rats communicate with each other using ultrasound signals, inaudible to the human ear, which, as it turned out, number tens of thousands, indicating that these animals have a rich vocabulary. And the rats are able to sympathize ...

But it is worth recalling that today we are talking about decorative, domestic, rats, which differ from wild only in that they are raised in captivity in the nth generation (by the way, England is considered the “birthplace” of these pets). This means that such a rat is intelligent, like a wild rat and affectionate, like a domestic animal, but to a certain extent, of course. It is no secret that many animals were used by physicians as a laboratory many centuries ago, and the talents of laboratory rats did not pass by the attention of man.

Decorative rats are easily tamed, do not show aggression to humans, and bite only in an extreme situation. Yet, for the most part, society is biased against this animal - the long centuries of the Cold War of rats and humans were not in vain. Therefore, today's date is another reason to tell about the uniqueness of these animals, to dispel the prejudices about rats in the community and to call for a more tolerant attitude towards these tailed neighbors.

And, of course, World Rat Day is a reason for all lovers of these animals to spend time with their rat friends, talk about their pets, give them special gifts or goodies and capture their happy faces for posterity. And some even spend on this day various festivals, exhibitions and parties, the main character of which are rats, and where they are trying to show as many people as possible the “merits” of these lovely animals. And also to remind that to start a rat just like that - it does not make sense. Rat is not a toy and not entertainment, it is a living creature.