By Hrachuhi Almastyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
The Book “We will Meet on the Uplands” was Presented
Samvel Aghajanyan’s book “We will Meet on the Uplands” has become available for the readers. The presentation took place at the "Loft" self-help and entertainment center. The author has shared his experiences of the last ten years.

“I did not refer to politics, relationship between man and woman, religion. I concentrated on what I had to do, and it was all crucial. I have created 5-6 large businesses at once. People should believe and not give up quickly. The important thing is to make a decision and to implement it,” - said Samvel Aghajanyan, referring to the history of the book’s creation.

He cited excerpts from the book, clarified why he does not share social on networks political views, does not read different information as it takes energy and does not allow focusing on productive work.

“There are many scenarios in our lives, one of which is to choose and move forward. You choose your own scenario,” - says the author of the book.

The book consists of 33 different themes (author’s career, philosophy, life tactics and topics for which the author has spent about ten years to discover).

Samvel Aghajanyan is the founder of Armenian GAME Changers and “10 goals in 60 days” projects.