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2020-09-18 08:06
While cars pay a dues every year to get a check-in receipt, some accidents happen because the car is out of order.

The purpose of the new legislative change will be to move the technical inspection from the real to the practical field. Under the new amendment, cars will no longer need technical inspection receipts. The inspection will be registered electronically, everything will be stored in the Police database. The bill approved by the government is now in the parliament.

It is incomprehensible for drivers why they pay a certain amount of money every year for the technical inspection of the car, if in reality the car is not inspected by anyone, and the ticket is provided without presenting the car. To get a certificate for having a safe car, it is enough to visit the district administration, make a corresponding payment in the bank, and at the end, carefully post the receipt on the windshield of the car. In fact, instead of technical inspection stations, this task was completely taken over by the local self-government bodies that have nothing to do with the system. Meanwhile, it is not a secret that some of the accidents happen due to a malfunction of the car, notes the RA Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Armen Simonyan.

In order to avoid such situations, the technical inspection with a new legislative initiative will no longer be of a formal nature. According to the new changes, the information on the vehicles that have passed the technical inspection or not will be transmitted electronically to the police, will be stored in the police database. In addition, the rules of technical inspection will be changed.

"The rules of technical inspection will also change. Thus, the car should be inspected for the first time in the fourth year of production, then for up to 10 years, once every two years, and after 10 years, once a year. "Public passenger vehicles must be inspected once a year for up to 10 years and twice a year for 10 years."

Tariffs for technical inspection will be calculated by the Public Services Regulatory Commission and proposed to the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure for discussion. A fine of 20,000 drams is set for not undergoing maintenance. The car in which technical malfunctions will be found is no longer subject to operation until it is eliminated. Gevorg Gorgisyan, Secretary of the NA "Bright Armenia" faction, welcomes the initiative, but at the same time notes that car drivers should be given some time to eliminate the shortcomings.

Of course, there are issues that still need to be discussed and clarified. Therefore, the ministry and the parliamentarians will discuss and decide how much time the driver will be given to eliminate the malfunctions. In general, there are 50 technical inspection stands in 39 points in the republic, which are located in Yerevan and almost all regions. Will only the brakes be checked or will the car undergo a complete technical inspection with all rigor, this is one of the most discussed issues. Sergey Ghahramanyan, a member of the Public Council under the Chief of Police, thinks that it will be more realistic to check the brakes at the beginning.

By the way, severe penalties are imposed for negligence during the inspection of the vehicle. In particular, if it is found that the car is in good condition in case of serious violations, the checkpoint will be fined 1 million drams. If he commits the violation for the second time in a year, he will be deprived of his license for 6 months, and if he commits it three times, the technical inspection station will be completely deprived of his license.